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At Bell Shoals we believe that in order for people to connect with each other and grow in their faith they must be in a small group. It's where the big church becomes small. And it's where people can do life together.  We call our small group ministry "LIFE Groups." 

Our LIFE Groups have a multi-faceted purpose. While each participants' experience will be unique, they will include these common elements of LIFE: 

L – Learn
I – Invest
F – Fellowship
E – Extend 
LIFE Groups

Learn - through Bible study, discussion, and prayer; 

Invest - through missions and community service; 

Fellowship - through building and developing supportive Christian relationships; and

Extend - through inviting, mentoring, and evangelizing.


At Apollo Beach we have LIFE Groups that meet throughout the week, both on- and off-campus.  We would love to connect you with a group.  Please click the "I Want to Join" button below or email the LIFE Group that interests you from the selections below.

If you still have questions please give us a call at 813-641-2222. 

If you are interested in facilitating a LIFE Group or opening your home as a HOST home, please email our Associate Minister at

I want to join a life group.



9:15 AM

Young Adults*

Joel Meek

(813) 418-2581


Room C-4

9:15 AM Median Adults*

Nathan Meek


Room C-3

9:15 AM

Senior Adults*

Ed Brown


Room C-1

11:00 AM

All Adults - S.A.L.T.

(Sharing And Learning Together)*

Michael Adams

(214) 551-9302



Room C-1

4:00 PM All ages*

Derek & Jada Bush

(813) 846-6596 / (813) 323-1509



4:00 PM All ages*

Brad & Elsa Tempia

(719) 208-2165

Big Bend & 301 Area


5:00 PM All Adults

Tom Doozan

(813) 695-4787

Golf Course Area

Apollo Beach

6:00 PM All Adults

Dan Collis

(813) 244-8903

College Ave



6:30 PM

Men's Bible Study

6:30 PM

Women's Bible Study


6:45 PM Adults 55+

Steve Shaneman

(813) 661-1859

Sun City Center
7:00 PM Adults All Ages

Steve Wood

(813) 922-4540

Gulf City Rd


7:00 PM Adults All Ages

Charlie Hill

(813) 277-4944

Kings Lake

Apollo Beach


6:30 PM

Couples & Single Again


Anthony Fridella

(813) 928-6405


Apollo Beach

7:00 PM 

Adults All Ages

Luis Olivares

(240) 435-1061


Apollo Beach


6:45 PM

Adults All Ages*

Chad Bardsley

(813) 928-5768

South Cove / South Fork Area


6:30 PM Adults All Ages

Dan Favuzza

(302) 584-2202

Valencia Lakes


* = Indicates childcare may be available -- to plan properly, please contact LIFE Group ahead of time.
NOTE:  Some homes may have pets.  If this is a potential concern, please contact LIFE Group ahead of time.

Coming soon...

new LIFE Groups are forming in January!  The following are proposed LIFE Groups... please email  if interested or to request additional information.


Proposed Date / Time

Proposed Topic / Audience

Proposed Lead / Facilitator

Proposed Location

Sunday / 11:00 AM

Adults All Ages

Bilingual (English / Spanish)

Walter Lora

(813) 205-4942


Room C-2

Fridays / 6:30 PM

18-24 year old

Aaron Morrison

Panera Bread

Big Bend & 301 - Riverview

Monday / PM

Median Adults

Wade Powers


Sunday / TBD PM

All Ages / Families

John Chandler

Various Homes


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Apollo Beach LIFE Groups

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Apollo Beach offers LIFE groups on multiple days, please let us know which day best suits you.

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