Freedom in Christ Ministry

“Freedom in Christ is the tool God used to help me become a whole person.  There was always a part of my past that I wanted to keep to myself and never reveal, especially to fellow Christians.  The Steps to Freedom allowed God to shine light on that dark secret and expose it for what it was.  He erased my shame and mended my wounds so that I could use all of my life as a testimony to His love and grace.  I can now say with confidence that I am a child of a loving God who wants all to feel accepted, secure, significant and free in Christ."

The testimony shared above is from one of the many people who have found that living free in Christ is a choice and available to all. Are you struggling with your past? Do you find yourself unable to forgive and bound up in bitterness? Are you fearful, worried, anxious, feeling not good enough? There is hope, there is Freedom in Christ. 

The mission of Freedom in Christ is to provide a biblically based process and resources by which Christians discover:

  • Their true identity in Christ
  • The battle for their mind
  • Their authority in Christ

Freedom in Christ is a ministry of encouragement, not professional counseling. Each individual is paired with an encourager for one-on-one, confidential sessions scheduled at your mutual convenience.

Make the choice for change and call now. To make an appointment, please call (813) 689-4229, ext. 531, and leave your name and phone number
. Donna Badger will  contact you personally. You also can email Donna at  

"Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."
— Romans 8:1